Juggling a Home & Business?

Think about what you would do if you had more time to do exactly what you want to do.

What you’re thinking right now, I can make that happen for you.


Make your current habits work FOR you!


I create systems that allow you to do exactly what you want to do.
I show you the easiest way to implement those systems.
I analyse, organise and systemise your Home & Business so you can save money and time, relax, get creative, and truly focus.

Learn how to juggle your home and your business without losing your grip!

Overcome overwhelm and sharpen your focus to create your Business On Purpose.

Align what you do in your business with what you were born to do!

Organise and systemise the details of your business so you can concentrate on the reason you’re in business in the first place.

Organise and systemise your home so you can relax, get creative, and truly focus.

I’m a Home and Business Lifestyle Success Coach.

I’ve been in admin and small business 30+ years and managed big small businesses from home offices. I realised others struggle with the same issues I faced, so I created the B2B Coaching Business On Purpose systems to organise your business, from your Vision and Purpose down to the paperwork that keeps you from it, and to juggle your home with your business without losing your grip.

Some of the benefits of organising and systemising can be found here: www.margaretcameron.com.au/when-i-am-organised

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective.

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